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Our Partners

Sternford Moyo

Sternford Moyo (Chairman)

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Sternford is the Senior Partner and Chairman of the firm which he joined in 1981. He provides overall leadership in addition to taking special responsibility for Mining, Commercial and Corporate law. He coordinates all activities in the firm and looks after unallocated functions such as responsibility for non‐professional staff. His practice is mostly mining, commercial and corporate law related.

He has advised financial institutions and loan underwriters in most of the large infrastructure projects that have taken place in post independent Zimbabwe in areas such as forestry, energy, water supply and telecommunications. Sternford has provided advice on navigating Zimbabwe's empowerment laws and has been actively involved in most of the empowerment transactions which have been publicised so far.

He is a former President of both the Law Society of Zimbabwe and the Southern African Development Community Lawyers' Association, Co‐ Chairperson of the Human Rights Institute of the International Bar Association, Former chairman of Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe Limited ‐ a leading commercial bank in Zimbabwe which is a member of the Standard Bank group, Chairman of Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited, Former Chairman of the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Director of Alpha Media Holdings Limited, one of the largest and most diversified media companies and PPC Zimbabwe Limited, the largest cement company in Zimbabwe.

He is one of the leading corporate and commercial lawyers in Southern Africa. During the early part of his career, he taught corporate, commercial and constitutional law. He successfully completed the Media Law Advocates training program run by the University of Oxford. He graduated with distinction and was named by Butterworths as one of the most outstanding postgraduate law students in 1981.


Byron John Symeonoglou

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Byron is the head of the Property and Conveyancing Department. He is one of the most experienced and skilled property and conveyancing lawyers in Zimbabwe today with over twenty years experience. He handles a portfolio which includes several banks, building societies and large property owning companies. He is responsible for the firm's premises. He is also the head of the Estates Administration Department which specializes in Wills and Deceased Estates Planning and Administration.

He joined Scanlen and Holderness from another legal firm where he learnt the rudiments of conveyancing. He started his career of law in the Attorney General's Office where he worked for over fourteen years. Byron represents the firm in the National Property Association and sits on the Conveyancing Committee of the Law Society of Zimbabwe which makes recommendations and is influential in conveyancing matters and tariffs in Zimbabwe.


George Gapu


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George is the head of the Labour law, Dispute Resolution and Litigation departments. A graduate of the University of Zimbabwe, George joined the firm in 2000. He has successfully litigated in the High Court and Supreme Court of Zimbabwe on commercial matters representing some of the biggest corporations in the country. He has handled several commercial arbitrations. Over the past few years, he has among other things, handled multimillion dollar claims against commercial banks arising from expropriation of funds by the central bank, he was part of a team advising a client on acquisition of a bank, and developed model contracts for a multi‐million dollar contract farming scheme.

George has a special interest in Environmental law and he is a co‐founder of the Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association [ZELA], a public interest organization promoting environmental justice in Zimbabwe. He holds a diploma in International Environmental Law from the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). He has been involved in litigation over water pollution by some mining companies in Zimbabwe and resisting illegal developments over wetlands in peri‐urban Harare. He has conducted environmental compliance audits for several industrial and mining companies in the country. George sits on the board of a micro finance institution in Zimbabwe and several other non‐governmental organisations.


Nellie R.F. Tiyago‐Jinjika

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After graduating from the University of Pretoria, Nellie joined Scanlen and Holderness as an associate in January 2004. In July 2008 she became the third female to be appointed as partner since the inception of Scanlen and Holderness. Over the years she has specialised in Corporate and Commercial law. She has experience in joint ventures, acquisitions, due diligences, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts, commercial litigation and registration of intellectual property. In recent years, Nellie has assisted young Zimbabweans in the establishment of businesses and has advised and provided assistance to foreign and local prospective and actual investors in Zimbabwe.

Nellie is registered as a conveyancer, an Administrator registered with the Estate Administration Council of Zimbabwe and is also a member of the International Bar Association (IBA). In 2011, the Zimbabwe Institute of Patents and Trademarks Attorneys (ZIPTA) was resuscitated. Nellie served as the Administrator in 2012 and remains a member to date. In addition to being a member of ZIPTA, she is also a member of the International Trademarks Association (INTA).

Nellie is passionate about the firm's socio‐corporate responsibilities and in future she looks forward to setting up a Scanlen and Holderness legal clinic which will aim to provide legal assistance to low income earners.


Archford Rutanhira

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Archford is a graduate from the University of Zimbabwe and has been with the firm for more than six years. He has acquired vast experience in civil and criminal litigation and has carved a niche for himself in employment law. He also does corporate law work and acts for a number of local corporates and religious organizations among others. He forms part of the firm's Dispute Resolution, Employment, Intellectual Property, Constitutional and Administrative departments. Archford is a passionate and dedicated lawyer who is destined for greater heights in his career. He currently sits on the board of one of the local pharmaceuticals companies.


Riana Moss (nee Theron)

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A graduate from the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Riana was registered with the High Court of Zimbabwe in 2009 and has the right of audience in all forums. She has recently dealt with a multi‐million US Dollar High Court matter involving complex interpretation, mining and commercial issues. She represents her corporate clients in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Zambia in various commercial matters including but not limited to in‐depth legal opinions on aspects such as risk/exposure assessment, compliance assessment, general advise on agreements and contract drafting (such as multi‐million dollar out‐grower‐financing schemes). She has also advised on tax, insolvency, judicial management, shareholder disputes and cross‐border investments. Her greatest asset is thorough research, coupled with a keen eye for detail.

In October 2013 Riana made history setting new legal precedent when she obtained a landmark court ruling after she persuaded the High Court to allow her to serve Summons upon Defendants by way of E‐mail. A motivated and energetic lawyer, Riana is an avid golfer.


Evans Talent

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Evans is a University of Zimbabwe 2008 graduate. He is a registered conveyancer and notary public. He has great facility for draftsmanship and handles preparation and registration of trusts. He has recently been involved in the registration of a prominent Community Share Ownership Trust. He has some experience in property transfers as well.

Evans is in the professional staff committee which is responsible for internships, professional staff inductions and recruiting of new lawyers and heads our Criminal law department. Evans also practices in civil and commercial litigation with a particular interest in corporate law, banking and finance, labour law and property law. He has litigated successfully in arbitration tribunals, High Court, Supreme Court and specialized courts for some reputable corporate clients. He has a passion for advocacy. He has written articles for the law society magazine and the firm's newsletter. He looks forward to establishing himself in top‐flight commercial practice.


Roger Hunter Chadwick

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Roger has a wealth of knowledge and experience having over fifty years experience as an attorney, notary and conveyancer in Zimbabwe. Roger was previously a Partner in the law firm of Condy Chadwick and Elliott before his firm merged with Scanlen & Holderness in 1990. He is recognized internationally as one of the leading lawyers in Zimbabwe. Having reached Scanlen's retirement age, he is a Consulting Partner now specializing in commercial work including corporate finance, acquisitions and mergers, business formations, listings and flotations, investments and disinvestment, exchange control and estate planning.


Thakor Ranchod Kewada

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Thakor was admitted as a Barrister at Law of the Inner Temple, London, United Kingdom, and also by the High Court of Zimbabwe. He has been practicing as a lawyer in Zimbabwe for 38 years and headed the firm's Intellectual Property division for many years. Thakor has acted for a number of prominent local and international clients over the years, among them the principal parties involved in the financing and construction of national projects such as the rail and road bridge over the Limpopo river at Beitbridge, Beitbridge‐Bulawayo railway line, the new Harare International Airport, the third Mobile Cellular telephone network in Zimbabwe and he recently conducted a landmark inquest of national importance. He too is a Consulting Partner having reached the firm's retirement age.

Thakor continues to deal with all areas of corporate and commercial law, trusts and investments, estate planning, joint ventures, mergers, due diligence investigations and all forms of corporate and commercial matters.

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